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Railroad Fueling

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Super Quality Oil's well maintained Transport fleet provides wholesale fuel delivery service to trucking, construction and utlity companies, as well as retail fueling stations, railroads and municipalities. Everyday we seamlessly coordinate our services with complex train schedules. Our deliveries are planned and scheduled to work with train movements. Our trucks will be waiting for your trains, ready to start fueling as soon as they arrive.

We recognize that speed and efficiency are key to running a railroad. Our delivery will be there to keep you running, when you need us, where you need us. Our trucks are designed to work with your specifications and requirements:

7,500 plus gallons of fuel capacity
Pumping capacity exceeding 200 gallons per minute
Fueling from side, rear, or front
100-foot hoses on motorized hose reels
Onboard GPS to track movement and fuel transactions

We Help Lower Your Operating CostsSuper Quality Oil On-site Fueling provides you a value-added solution that can lower the cost of operating your fleet while increasing your bottom line. On-site Fueling services can reduce overall costs by eliminating the losses in production and wages that are incurred by having your own personnel fuel your vehicles. Super Quality Oil will fuel your fleet during off-use hours to ensure that when your drivers report to work; their vehicles are prepared to start the day – fully fueled and ready to be productive right away.