Super Quality Oil


We Offer a Wide Variety of Fuel Products


Super Quality Oil offers a wide variety of gasoline fuels to meet the specifications and regulations unique to each market. We supply and distribute all the grades and blends of gasoline products to meet your business needs.

Branded Retail Bulk Fuel Delivery

We offer fuel and services and lubricants to a wide variety of privately owned gas stations throughout the tri-state area. Our top quality unleaded and diesel brands include Shell, ARCO, 76, Valero, ExxonMobil and more allowing the flexibility to choose the exact brand needed for your location. Our drivers will also perform a multi-step inspection each time your fuel tanks are filled. Items like checking the fuel inventory level of the tank, visually inspecting fuel quality and noting the condition of the fuel tank, hoses, nozzle, and fittings are all performed.

Same Day Delivery available
Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks with wireless monitoring
Cutting Edge Fuel Logistic Technology
Emergency Fuel Delivery
Emergency Response
Maintenance Programs
Fuel Tank Monitoring Programs

Unbranded Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery

We offer a significant fuel cost savings on unbranded gasoline. By utilizing our network of suppliers we are able to offer the pricing option right for you. We regularly offer intraday, daily, and monthly discounted prices versus the low-rack postings. Volume discounts for larger orders are available as well.

On-Site Tank Service

Buying bulk fuel makes good economic sense, but sometimes full truckloads are more than you need. Our on-site tank service gives you the flexibility to fuel your fleet on-site at your convenience, while also saving you money by buying amounts that you need. No delivery is too small giving you the ultimate flexibility and accountability with your bottom lines. Not only can we fill your bulk tanks at your location on your schedule, we can also provide 500-, 1,000- and 4,000-gallon storage tanks at no charge. You'll enjoy the benefits of 24/7 dispatch and delivery, state-of-the-art equipment, and a partnership that always puts your fueling needs first.

Fleet Fueling

Fleet fueling saves thousands of dollars in labor and increases a fleet's productivity. Super Quality Oil delivers high quality fuels directly to your trucks' fuel tanks, businessess and sites, or to equipment directly on the job site. Your trucks and drivers spend more time on the road instead of wasting time traveling to and fueling their equipment. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will develop a schedule that best fits your operation.

We now have solutions ready for:
Mobile Fleet Fueling
Bulk fuel
Total Fuel Management – Supply and Delivery
Construction Requirements
Municipal Fueling
Seasonal Blends

Diesel Fuel

Super Quality Oil delivers various types of Diesel fuels for fleets and site use. Our reliable and cost effective pricing deliver cost savings for your business. We do our homework in getting great prices from our suppliers to pass along to our customers along with fast, friendly service. Business and industry runs on diesel fuel. Allied provides dependable fueling for fleets of equipment, trucks, buses, and we keep them all moving without a hitch. Choose Allied Oil for reliable fuel delivery and unlike many fuel suppliers; commercial fueling is Allied Oil's primary business focus. We provide hundreds of fleet owners with dependable fuel delivery, and we do it at highly competitive prices.

Low Sulfur #2
High Sulfur #2
Ultra Low Sulfur #2
Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur #2
Ultra Low Sulfur Supreme #2
Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Supreme #2