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Dependable delivery to keep your job site runningJob sites that are efficient demand onsite fuel. Super Quality Oil has dependable delivery for all of your fueling needs. With our scheduled mobile on-site refueling we can refuel your fleet on weekends or after hours when trucks are parked, so you experience no downtime by having to refuel in the middle of shifts maximizing productivity. Another benefit is the risk of theft is dramatically reduced by refueling direct-to-equipment.

When you bring fuel directly to your trucks and fleet rather than traveling off-site for it, you can save 30 to 40 minutes or more per unit every day. Your operation is no longer paying for hours of unproductive labor while drivers need to find a place to refuel, and you gain up to 40 minutes of productive time per day. Our service provides substantial savings in labor and increases revenue.

Super Quality Oil's on-site fueling provides you a value-added solution that can lower the cost of operating your fleet while increasing your bottom line. On-site Fueling services can reduce overall costs by eliminating the losses in production and wages that are incurred by having your own personnel fuel your vehicles. Super Quality Oil will fuel your fleet during off-use hours to ensure that when your drivers report to work; their vehicles are prepared to start the day – fully fueled and ready to be productive right away. We can also provide custom fuel reports breaking down each individual vehicles fuel consumption giving you further insights into your business operations and planning.

We can provide Skid Tanks to your site capable of storing 500 and 1000 gallons in a double-walled tank complete with pumping systems. Maximize your fleet utilization and resource more efficiently. Take advantage of 4Refuel’s Fuel Management Online reporting tool to track your fuel usage details and produce a wide range of reports to see how your fuel is used. Track efficiencies across your fleet at a national, regional, branch level, or down to individual vehicles. Manage fuel delivery and payment, in addition to fuel consumption.